2020 : 03 Lockdown

Sora Waningsinggel; Silence; Church at Home
Arun S Pillai; Life during lockdown; A man in mask from a supermarket car park
Manon Fleurentin; Keeping the Distance
Renee Kofoed; Soon buddy; Dogs everywhere wait eagerly for pats and butt sniffs
Renee Kofoed; Take me with you; The last known flight to leave Auckland.
Renee Kofoed; Star Sharing Lovers; I produced this image last week as a heartful response to my partner needing to leave NZ to be with his family in Germany and continuing working during this time. Not knowing when we will see each other again, we find comfort in remembering we can look to the sky, and still share the same stars. Note, the photographs were taken in January, but the concept was developed last week.
Arun S Pillai; Autumn; Autumn foliage from the local park. Shot during a walk during lockdown
Bin B; Chili in my house
Frenie Perlas; Positive Emptiness; Waitakere Hospital's empty carpark which is a good sign that people following lockdown rules and not coming if not necessary
Pat Norton; The church is still there and Caring.
Bin B; Lonely basketball
Bin B; Tangerine

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