2021 : 09 Lockdown

Alvin Sarmmiento; We Are On Line;My wife is working from home, whilst the kids are doing their online classes.
Melissa Jackson ;Learning the guitar; Luca has a broken toe so daily walks are not an option.  Learning the guitar to pass the time
Paul Craze; Be a Wise Owl   Wear a Mask !
Fiona Kelly; My Turn
Grady Connell; Lockdown in the heart of the city;Empty Roads missing people
Stacey Edgar; Deltaport; Managed to snap this evidence of teenage shenanigans before it was taken down.
Fiona Kelly; World Spinning Out of Control
JD; Motorway, Auckland
Paul Craze; Miniature Garden
Yee yeoman; Maths; Home learning
Stacey Edgar; Vulcan Lane Alone ; Normally bustling, so sad to see it like this.
Stacey Edgar; Abandoned City; I went to get my second jab in the city and was amazed by the eerie stillness.

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