2022 : 04 April 2022 Music Photo Award

Nichole Davis; Immersed; Ladi6   Peachy Keen
Leonie Moreland; Curley's Jewels;Pure entertainment   a delight to photograph
Lucas Perelini; Truth at Hide, Christchurch
Lucas Perelini; Sachi, Ngaio Marsh Theater, Christchurch
Lucas Perelini; P Diggs of Shapeshifter, Rhythm 'n' Alps, 2021
Lucas Perelini; Muroki, Rhythm 'n' Alps, 2021
Lucas Perelini; KamaHumble of Kome, Darkroom, Christchurch
Lucas Perelini; Ladi6, Dux Live, Christchurch, 2015
Lucas Perelini; Mitch James & Mitch Lowe, Powerstation, Auckland, 2018
Lucas Perelini; Tali, Rhythm 'n' Alps, 2021
Ameena; Ed Gains
Ameena; Wilco

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