2023 : 05 May 2023 Aotearoa Music Photo Award

Nichole Davis; Che Fu

People's Choice Prize 2023 winner - Nichole Davis; Che Fu at Homegrown 2021.

Bevan Triebels;Bret McKenzie flying;Bret McKenzie   not the flight of a Conchord
Bevan Triebels;Jon Toogood   Close and Personal;Close and Personal image with Jon Toogood charming the at Homegrown 2023.
Luke Keir;Melanie ;Live at Whammy Bar
Nichole Davis;Mitch James
Nichole Davis;Benee
Samantha Davies;Shihad;Shihad performing at Jim Beam Homegrown
Shades Misa;Parasitic Infestation;Parasitic Infestation at Thirsty Dog, Knifed EP release show
Shades Misa;Long Distance Runner, Long Photo;Long Distance Runner 'Shadow' release show at Whammy Bar
Bevan Triebels;Client Liaison   Bass in the Mist;As the mist cleared the bass player appeared
Bevan Triebels;Emma Dilemma high five;Emma engaging with the crowd at the James Hay Theatre Christchurch
Luke Keir;Skull Patrol;Live at Waitangi Waste Fest 2022
Nichole Davis;Che Fu

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