2021 : 09 Lockdown

Hyun Duck Park; Skyline view from my deck ; It was beautiful Sunset. (smart phone)
Jo Shanley; Do you like lockdown I don’t; Chalk art on the footpath
Jo Shanley; Wacky Wednesday Zoom team meeting;2nd week into lockdown
Hyun Duck Park; Alley Cat family; They were friendly with us after feeding when wet.
Hyun Duck Park; Morning view after stormy night;An interesting picture was reflected on the table
Hyun Duck Park; Silent view of neighborhood before dawn;I woke up so early and looked down through the window.
Hyun Duck Park; Old pumpkin on table; I'd better cook it now.
Hyun Duck Park; Nice model; She is a good model for me during lock down.
Jo Shanley; Happy birthday Lauren; Spring pickings for my my sister in London
Claire Worley; Viaduct struck by the virus;On a ‘normal’ day we would be fighting the crowds to wander through, but today the place was all ours.
Kate Bell; Rain, Glorious Rain!; No Comment
Debra Tunnicliffe; Hanging out

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