2023 : 06 June Alex Mao Youth Award

Weitong Li;Land Guardian;As the home of China's ethnic minorities, Kunming has a rich and diverse culture. Elephant trainer is like the guardians of the elephant. And the elephant is like this colourful land.
Abby Cullinan;Dramatic Tree;This gives you a spooky feeling because of the dramatic sky, the channel of light on the water and the spikiness of the dead tree.
Abby Cullinan;Geometric Flax;This is a geometric shape which is doubled by the reflection and it has a lot of contrast.
Sophie Hansen;Crystal Clear Rural Sky;The milky way shining over the trees on our farm.
Sophie Hansen;Bath Time;A Paradise Shelduck having a bath on the pond with the autumn leaves behind her.
Abby Cullinan;3D Hot Poker;This picture has a joyful feeling with the colourful shades, the spiky texture and it looks 3D.
Reanna Hinds;Beachcombing;My family and I love to have competitions.  A common one is “who can find the prettiest shell” along Ohope beach.  This is my mother deep in concentration as she searches for that perfect specimen!
Shafeek Allie;Fog;early morning light
Shafeek Allie;Void;Hanging in the balance
Shafeek Allie;Howling flame;Wild fire
Abby Cullinan;Fairy Mushrooms;These mushrooms make me feel like there are fairies living there and the soft light makes it quite cosy as well as how it's in the nook of a tree.
Abby Cullinan;Neverending Patterns;These give you a satisfying feeling like these texture patterns go on forever.

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