2017 : 06 June Open theme

Joan Kirk;Amazing reflection;The beauty of the rainbow.
Giby Varghese;Night_Market;Auckland is a very active city with a lot of night markets and events. You never feel alone or bored in this city. Silo Park Night market is one of those wonderful places. This photo was taken at Silo Park, Viaduct   Auckland Harbour
Aaron Kang;Plie;Ballet training
Aaron Kang;Dance;Pump house at Takapuna
Aaron Kang;Ballet;Pump house at Takapuna
Aaron Kang;Get ready! ;The Ballet Concert
Tango;communicating;my son standing face to face with a swan and it seems they have some communication.
Tango;we are sailing;shot at Murrays bay with compact DC big zooming
Tango;the only red;also on Murrays beach shot a red sail among white ones
weichen jiang;talk;during sunset at mt albert
Aaron Kang;Rocking Dance;Pump house at Takapuna
Jerry Zinn: Courtship Dance

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