2019 : 05 May Alex Mao Photo Award

Grace Xu; Central City; Standing in the central of City walking into the central of my world
Grace Xu; Night of Bays; Drown in the night Drown in the missing
Yuke Dai; Gesture; See, they all have their gestures.
Yuke Dai; We are always together; Peace, Spirit, Love, Strength.
Yuke Dai; The First
Chengcheng Yang; Anchor of my soul; This is the Anchor I took picture of in Devonport. I realized God’s words are my anchor. I won’t be shake because of God’s promise just like this anchor.
Daniel Chen; Ocean Break; melody
Daniel Chen; Dissonance; heartbeat
Bonnie Lu; A sad look at the sea; I broke up with my boyfriend and went to the sea with my friends.
Chengcheng Yang; Joyful Jump; My friend Yuke jumps with great joy. We both cherish each other although we have different belief. She believes in Buddhism, and I believe in God. We talk through heart. I am excited to take picture for her. I love to see her with such a positive energy.
Ruby Zhao; Home; One step closer to heaven, freedom, and what ever that makes you happy
Ruby Zhao; Belong; In a space up high, quiet at night, is when you can think, and feel the acceptance and sense of belongingness.

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