2020 : 03 Lockdown

Frenie Perlas; Purrrfect Spot; An abiding visitor waiting at Waitake Hospital's Main Entrance observing social distancing
Frenie Perlas; Lifesaver Boat; Paper boat made from the WDHB Visitor Guidance leaflet
Gail Orgias; 'Early delivery'; Throughout day & night during Lockdown, truckies brave the coronavirus to deliver the goods.
Paul Craze; Discarded
Paul Craze; Staying in contact
Grace Wright; Social distancing;Represents the idea of being physically distant from each other but united by a common cause. Taken in my living room
Paul Craze; We're All In This Together
Callena Lewis; Distance;Social norm
Tracey Meeten; Barbers Shop Closed for Business;A local barber shop closed for Level 4 COVID 19 in perfect readiness to re open in the future
Charles Roux; Grounded; The lonely yacht tied up waiting to be free again
Charles Roux; Isolation Panda Bears
Jim Harding; Dawn of a new era; The first day of Lockdown, Devonport waterfront.

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