2021 : 09 Lockdown

Kate Bell; Rain, Glorious Rain!; No Comment
Debra Tunnicliffe; Hanging out
Sue Thirkettle; Lockdown visitors ;I had unexpected visitors today who weren't wearing masks!
xiao bin wang; Lovely flower; Taken at back yard
Kate Bell; Flowers!; No Comment
Kate Bell; Bee’s! ; No Comment
xiao bin wang; Happy bee; Taken at back yard
Yvette O'Brien; Study Buddy
Paul Samson; Wairoa Reservoir; Image taken from lookout
Paul Samson; Driftwood; Gnarly  piece of driftwood languishing in the surf
Paul Samson; Ladies Bay; Stacked layers in Photoshop
xiao bin wang; Spring is coming; Taken at my garden

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