2021 : 09 Lockdown

JD; Rainy day, Auckland.
Mustaq Missouri; Staying in
Beverly Jong; Googly eyes; Someone has been sticking googly eyes on random things and it becomes our weekly mission to find them when we go out for walks!
Lynn clayton; My dining table!; New essentials
Beverly Jong; TooOoOOOooT!!! ; Please go away now Covid.
Beverly Jong; Kicking the pedestrian crossing button;Who else does this?
Le’ah; Queen Barrenness ;Queen Street, Auckland CBD
Aleks Sakowski;Empty ;Lockdown Wanderings.
Aleks Sakowski;Headspace;Lockdown Wanderings
Aleks Sakowski;Lost;Lockdown Wanderings
Pete Galula;Parachutes;Sometimes we can be creative about masks , like using it as a parachute
JD;Nobody around, coffee place.;Auckland.

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