2017 : 06 June Open theme

Mark Francis H. Beltran; Waiting Game
Joshua Sutari; New Journey; In this photograph i've portrayed how we all should make a change in our lives by taking a step towards a new and a fresh start.
Joshua Sutari; Insenitive; In this photograph iv'e expressed the emotions and feelings that some people deal with when they are mocked for their color, religion or gender.
Joshua Sutari; Racism; In this picture I've used the paint brush to represent God as an artist who created us equally; however, mankind divided us into races and religions.
Byron Yang; Grey Auckland City
Jonathan Bainbridge; Harbour at Sunset; Skyline calmed by the setting sun
Byron Yang; New Zealand's Summer Beach
Tango;BeachMorning;sunset on beach of Compbells bay
Tango;DuskOfMuriwai;sunset scene taken from Maori Bay of Muriwai
Tango;DawnOfBeach;sunset on beach of Compbells bay

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