2019 : 05 May Alex Mao Photo Award

Ruby Zhao; Limitless; If you had the sea in your heart, your life will be limitless.
Bonnie Lu; My best friend; She saw text messages from people she liked.
Chengcheng Yang; Pure heart, pure bottle; I love the pure heart of my friend Yuke. She is beautiful from inside out. When she held the glass, I feel touched by the view through my eyes.
Bonnie Lu;  Autumn in school; This photo was taken from my high school it was autumn
Daniel Chen; The Melancholy of Monsieur Nobody ; In nature I looked for answers, but only questions came. A sadness bloomed inside me. I lament.
Maggie Robins; Auckland 26/02/19
Maggie Robins; Christchurch 17/04/19
Sean Max; Dance; This photo was taken near the Sky Tower. Many people were dancing there, so I took it.
Sean Max; Silhouette; This photo was taken in Shakespeare Park. It was dusk and a pukeko happened to pass by, so I took this photo very quickly.
Sean Max; Windows; I took this photo in the center of the city. The sunshine on the window of the apartment looked very beautiful, so I took it.
Alison Fan; beauty of life
Alison Fan;*! Angels sent from heaven!*; my bffs

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