2020 : 03 Lockdown

Jim Harding; Deserted; Normally so busy at first light
Charles Roux; The kids across the road; The neighbours set up their chairs in their driveway so they could watch their kids playing outside while chatting to us from our driveway
Jim Harding; The Breakwater; The sun still rises, no matter what.
Aasta L. Otnes; The Last Party Before Lockdown;It was the night before NZ went into lockdown, and the last chance to hang out with friends.
Brian Mumme; Bear lockdown 2
Brian Mumme; Bear Lockdown 3
Gail Orgias; Proud to be Kiwi
Abhi ;I seek peace; A break through from weeks of anxiety attacks and uncertainty, a morning of clarity and peace captured in a still
Brian Mumme; Bear lockdown 1
Gail Orgias; Empty spaces
Paul Belli ;Keep hitting it; Stay straight and true on our journey through lockdown and we'll hammer this virus like the proverbial nail that sticks out.
Munjal Maniar; Empty Road

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