2021 : 09 Lockdown

Rhys McDonald; Level 4 daywalking
Dennis Tohovaka; Keep Moving; A member of the public out getting some fresh air during Lockdown.
Dennis Tohovaka; Lockdown; Auckland City Mission Staff leading through service.
Dennis Tohovaka; CBD; An empty store in the CBD.
Josiah; Lockdown; Reflections
Rhys McDonald; Empty streets
Craig Rogers; Empty skies ; Life at the airport
Dennis Tohovaka; Barren; Barren streets on route to work early one morning.
Sue Thirkettle; Food deliveries in lockdown
Dennis Tohovaka; KRD; An essential worker at work on Karangahape Road during Lockdown.
Craig Rogers; The lonely border ;NZ on its own
Paul Craze; ManicCranicMondrianic

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