2023 : 06 June Alex Mao Youth Award

Abby Cullinan;Spooky Spider;The fine white web lines can give the impression of a spider swimming with the web being the expanding ripples.
Sophie Hansen;Playful;As we entered the coromandel harbor on our boat a pod of dolphins joined us as I took photos from above on the bow.
Abby Cullinan;The Shag;The light, colours and texture can be seen clearly on the shag’s wings and this is nicely contrasted against the soft soothing water.
Junwei Li;Afternoon
Reanna Hinds;Freedom;There is freedom and peace in the flight of a bird.
Junwei Li;Focus
Junwei Li;Mirror
Junwei Li;Spying
Junwei Li;Swimming Upstream
Sophie Hansen;Tangled;A shag tangled up in fishing line. I spotted this shag on a beach at Mount Maunganui, he had nylon and hooks wrapped right around his body, a hook in his mouth and a sinker tangled around his feet. I took a few photos and then, with the help of a few fishermen, caught the shag and cut him free.
Junwei Li;The ONE
Reanna Hinds;Isolation ;This photo was taken at the very end of the south island, where the land meets the sea,  looking out into the wide open ocean that surrounds New Zealand, giving the photo a feel of remoteness and isolation.

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