2019 : 05 May Alex Mao Photo Award

Joshua Pearson; Caressing Dreams; Xerox photography/Scanography   with Photocopier machine and my face
Joshua Pearson; Drown me with a kiss; Xerox photography/Scanography   with Photocopier machine and my face.
Joshua Pearson; Scorpio Moon Whisper; Xerox photography/Scanography   with Photocopier, vocal score sheets (my compositions), and my face
vicktoria johnson; Cultural Perspective 1; Learning the Maori perspective on the environment
Amie Kaufman; Trying To Grow Up; This Photo I took for my school board based on a young girl trying to be a grown up. This image was inspired by Wes Anderson's symmetry within his films.
Olivia Fromont; Open Space; This image is the study of space and the people within it.
Olivia Fromont; The Apiarist; This is image was taken as a part of my study of beekeepers, I was interested in this as it is such a vital part of our eco system and environment.
Amie Kaufman; Light Up The Night; To think I had so many pretty lights sitting on my doorstep...
Amie Kaufman; Precipitation; This image I took by using a cut out of a portrait from one of my previous shoots and placed it behind a sheet of plastic with water droplets on it. This has been by far my favorite Photo shoot.
Jeremy Chi; Cross Street Rainy Night ;A moment of loneliness when the city falls asleep in rain.
Jeremy Chi; Sunset at the Wharf; A snapshot of people walking against the light from the setting sun.
Jeremy Chi; Muriwai and a Couple; The sea and the beach belonged to them.

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