2020 : 03 Lockdown

Manon Fleurentin;A bike ride to the CBD
Faith Tan; Quarantine Party
Leigh Burrell; Gosh!  Where should I park?; Industrial car park, Penrose Road
Leigh Burrell; Parked up, with nowhere to go!; Stephenson Concrete on Gavin Street
Frederic Morin; Lockdown Boredom
Gail Orgias; No exceptions
Isabel Buerschgens ;Home Sweet Home Loaf
Paul Belli; Rise above it ; This palm was towering beyond its surroundings & giving a subliminal message of staying strong & tall no matter what adversity you face.
Yolan Iskandar; Easter Egg Hunt in lockdown
+Helen Wong; My Back Yard; Sunset over Western Springs
Manon Fleurentin; Lockdown Madness; Easter Shopping
Manon Fleurentin; Nano Blocks; Building a tiny village using tweezers. Keep them busy.

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