2021 : 09 Lockdown

Lynn Clayton;Finally someone fed us!;The pigeons are reliant on humans for food snd lovkdown their are no lunch scraps.
Stefan Herrick;Dangerous pursuits;A rocking horse is wrapped in hazard tape at Rocket Park
Stefan Herrick; The meek shall inherit; Hundreds of empty car parks at St Lukes Mall have become a vast cycle park for local children during lockdown
Adrienne Miller; Holding on; Road sign reflects the sentiment we are on hold with our lives in a holding pattern that is not going anywhere and under mental strain and barely holding on in some cases
Adrienne Miller   Daffodil Day
Adrienne Miller   Hair we go again; Daughter and dog both in need of a haircut enjoying bubble time
Denise Matene;What can we do mum
Denise Matene;Lock down
Denise Matene;Lock down
Adrienne Miller;Daffodil Day;At home so from the garden together with Diwali lamps and a Turkish gilded bowl   a mush mash of making do
Callena Lewis;Cues ;Waiting on the cue for our shopping
Callena Lewis;More standing;Waiting in the rain for food in curs

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