2023 : 06 June Alex Mao Youth Award

Reanna Hinds;Trinity ;On an everyday eastern beach I found these three shells. I love the contrast of their beauty against the rich brown colour of the wood.
Reanna Hinds;Wairaka   The Lady on the Rock;Wairaka symbolises power and tenacity because she was a spirited young teenager  who saved the lives of others in her waka. Here I captured a cheeky bird landing on her head.
Karla Tremain;A Blossom's Inner Glow;In a world adorned with vibrant hues, an orange hibiscus flower emerges as a captivating emblem of nature's radiant splendor. This striking photograph, with its tightly cropped focus on the delicate petals and fresh raindrops, radiates a warmth, and invites us into its  depths, to discover what lies deeper.
Karla Tremain;Bursting out of the blackness;Bursting out of the blackness a single red rose bursts forth with timeless elegance, commanding attention against a blurred background.  The blurred background lends an air of mystery, as if the rose stands as a beacon of vibrant beauty.
Karla Tremain;Enchanting Autumn Embrace;In this enchanting autumn embrace, a red oak leaf takes centre stage, surrounded by a beautiful backdrop of backlit yellowy oak leaves, evidencing the eventual transition over time. Inviting you to appreciate the changing seasons, and change overall, as all things must change.
Reanna Hinds;Imperfection;I enjoyed taking photos of the essence of autumn and capturing this pear with all its imperfections. I love how the red in the pear matches the red in the autumn leaves in the background.
Jackie Ahlin;what they don't see.
Jackie Ahlin;The spirit of dance.
Jackie Ahlin;The world vs you.
Karla Tremain;A moment of joy in a moody sky;Set against a moody, purplish hued cloudy sky, a single red rose emerges as a vivid symbol of beauty and resilience. This captivating photograph of a vibrant red rose beacons people to inhale its intoxicating scent and experience a moment of joy.  Allow yourself to be drawn into a realm where your senses bloom and the power of beauty conquers even the darkest of horizons
Karla Tremain;Flamingo: The elegant reflection;In the realm where elegance meets reflection, behold the enchanting sight of a flamingo gracefully poised amidst tranquil waters,  its reflection mirroring its flawless form. This scene invites us to appreciate the inherent beauty found within nature's most majestic creatures. Let your imagination take flight as you immerse yourself in the delicate balance, where the world both above and below merge.
Karla Tremain;Nature's Tiny Marvels;In the intricate tapestry of the natural world, even the smallest creatures possess a captivating allure. Behold this enchanting photograph, where a solitary bug, perched delicately upon a vibrant leaf, unveils a microcosmic realm brimming with wonder. Its delicate features reflect the astonishing diversity found within nature's hidden corners. Through this snapshot, we are granted a glimpse into the mesmerizing world of insects, where beauty and fascination thrive amidst the smallest details. Pause for a moment, immerse yourself in the intricate patterns, and marvel at the profound magic that unfolds when we peer closely into the tiniest of realms

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