2024 : 06 Alex Mao Youth Photo Award

Samuel Zhou;A spot of red;Photo taken at the Auckland Winter Gardens
Samuel Zhou;Lucas;A photo of my dog
Samuel Zhou;Pink and White Explosion;A photo of a pink & white flower.
Samuel Zhou;Autumn;A stalk of autumn leaves
Samuel Zhou;Pollution;Sewage waste
Anna Blake;Awe;This photo was created by a mixture of perfect conditions, nature and luck. This photo feels like a study of thirds
Anna Blake;Skyline of lights;The highlights of the Auckland skyline streaking through the night sky
Heather Wallace;Pay & Display
Anna Blake;Smoke;With the clouds lighting up like fire, the photo comments on global warming and the lack of change we are making to stop this
Heather Wallace;Firelight
Heather Wallace;Spritz
missouri wilton;The deflowering ;I don't think this uploaded with my first submission

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