The Floating

The Black Asterisk • POSTPONED

Where Shed 4, 90 Wellesley Street, Auckland (by Shed 5 - motorcycle cafe)
   021 040 1168
Artists Stuart Broughton
Theme Art

The Floating is Stuart Broughton's fourth solo exhibition and incorporates some previously shown works with new unseen images to create a narrative that contemplates the motif of floating: elevating the haute quotidian and setting the everyday adrift on a visual excursion.

Buoyant, visceral and vital, these eclectic and unexpected images, which range from a flotilla of black ducks to a child's dress hung aloft, are the space between earthbound steps, that evanescent moment of suspension. These are old dreams and newly made moments. We are like them, unfettered and unbound. For a while, for now, just floating. Not sinking.

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The Boatman Stuart Broughton Resize

The Boatman. Stuart Broughton.