Artifacts - Lynn Hurst

Sanderson Contemporary Art • 9 June - 19 June

Opens 5:30pm Thursday 9th June
Hours 10:30 - 5:30 Monday - Friday, 11 - 4 Saturday and Sunday
Where 251 Parnell Road, Parnell
  09 374 4476
Artists Lynn Hurst
Theme Art

Artist Lynn Hurst explores notions of colonisation and feminism in relation to emblematic objects from the domestic sphere. Her practice questions conventional notions of representation, combining trompe l'oeil techniques with a subversive technological approach. Scanned images are digitally sewn together, referencing traditional gender-biased media. Initially, the image appears to be a faithful reproduction; further investigation, however, reveals the points of fragmentation and reconstruction. This serves as a metaphor for Hurst's approach, distorting accepted ideologies to provoke a deeper analysis of our culture.

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Domestic Artifact.  Lynn Hurst    

 Domestic Artifact. Lynn Hurst.