Artificialia, Naturalia & Mirabilia

Artstation Gallery • 3 June - 20 June

Opens 5pm to 7pm Tuesday 2nd June
Hours 9am to 9pm Mon -Thu; 9am to 5pm Fri; 9am to 4pm Sat
Where 1 Ponsonby Road, Newton, Auckland
  09 376 3221
Artists Julie Downie, Heyes Johnson, Faye Norman and Haruhiko Sameshima
Theme Art

The Wunderkammer was a private collection found in Europe in the sixteenth and seventeenth century; the artificial and the natural, along with the marvelous were used as a way to categorise objects contained in this early prototype to the museum.

The photographers in the exhibition have drawn upon various aspects of these three categories; largely through looking at different cultural practices found both within the display and arrangement of objects.

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Untitled. Julie Downie.