Talking Culture Projections - Conflict Photography

Aotea Gallery • 4 June - 9 June

Opens 10.30am 4 June
Hours Daily 9am to 5pm
Where Aotea Gallery, Aotea Square,Queen Street
  09 307 7055
Artists Paolo Pellegrin - Magnum, Paula Bronstein - Getty Images, Agnes Dherbeys, Masaru Goto, Roland Neveu, Patrick de Noirmont -, Kosuke Okahara, Athit Perawongmetha - Getty Images, Vinai Vitajohn
Theme Culture

The Evacuation - Paolo Pellegrin, Magnum
As part of Paolo Pellegrin's ongoing Israel and Palestine project, in The Evacuation we are unusually confronted with images of conflict between Israeli soldiers and Israeli civilians. This Magnum photoessay documents the evacuation of Kfar Darom, a devout and ideologically staunch Israeli settlement, during the period of the planned evacuation of Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip and West Bank in 2005.

Bangkok Unrest
Images from eight international photo-journalists documenting the conflict in Bangkok in 2010. Protests initiated by the National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship led to a violent military crackdown in what the Thai media called "Cruel April" and "Savage May". The horrors brought about by a tyrannical military force are shown here. Soundtrack by Funki Porcini. Curated by Françoise Callier.

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Gaza Strip 2005 By Paolo Pellegrin   

Gaza Strip, 2005. Settlers protesting the evacuation from Kfar Darom. A large number of settlers locked themselves in the synagogue which was eventually stormed by the security forces. Here, a group of arrested settlers. © Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum Photos.

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