Nigel Swinn - STILL LIFE

FHE Galleries • 1 June - 1 July

Hours 10-4 Mon,10-5 Tue-Fri,10-3 Sat,11-2 Sun
Where 221 Ponsonby Road
  +09 360 0293
Artists Nigel Swinn
Theme Exhibitions

"This is a collection of images where someone's or something's actions have created a surreal still life.Whilst it seems a stretch to link a dog's instinctive killing of a rabbit in New Zealand with the care and attention of a gardener preparing Versailles for winter, in both cases, the result is a strange and haunting thing of beauty. From finding a baby rabbit suspended gracefully in my pond; to walking into Versailles and seeing all the statues wrapped in readiness for the ravages of winter; to opening a box from a taxidermist and finding a Tui floating on it's own cloud of cotton wool; these were all moments when I was struck with a life that has been stilled and a scene that was beautiful." - Nigel Swinn

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Nigel Swinn

Nigel Swinn, The Rabbit in the Water, 2016