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Silo 6 • 2 June - 20 June

Hours 1030am - 430pm
Where Silo ParkWynyard QuarterAuckland
  09 307 7055
Artists Shan Turner-Carroll
Theme Exhibitions

Inspired by the notion of an archetypal journey and the liminal space of transition, this body of work exists between the real and imagined. The photographs document both ritual and performance, creating representational symbols influenced by rites of passage. The costumes are made of both found and constructed materials. The traveling jacket is designed to be like a portable shelter. Symbolic gift sown onto the leaf material - work as talismans of protection, vertical gardens which provide food along the path, and a portable shrine to be accessed at any stage.

One can search the world looking for contentment, for home, but once you realize that your true home is within yourself within the true nature of your mind, you are not bound by one place, you can take that anywhere you are.

Meditation is the act of bringing the mind home.

The Cubby Cave is an extension of the idea of home, shelter, and sacred space.

The material manifestation of the act of interiority.

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Shan Turner-Carroll

Shan Turner-Carroll, Cubby Cave

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