Dignity for Palestine


Studio 541 • 28 May - 10 June

6:00PM on Tuesday 29 May
11 - 4 Mon - Sun
541 Mount Eden Road, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024
Sandra Chen Weinstein

In the distance, like a giant serpent, the separation wall surrounds the valley and hills of the pale, dry land. Before you get close, jumbles of boulders and rocks alert you to stop at a checkpoint manned by young Israeli soldiers.

I walked through the checkpoints and the separation wall which was first built on the 1967 border and constantly extended to divide not only faith but dignity and humanity. The physical, social, political, psychological and military barriers to trade and commerce severely limit economic growth and quality of daily life under the apartheid-like system of Israel's continuing occupation of the Palestinian Territories.

Sandra Chen Weinstein Dignity

Sandra Chen Weinstein 


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