Control - The Visibility Paradigm


Gallery One • 25 May - 13 June

5:00pm on Thursday 24 May
9.30 - 4.00pm Mon - Fri
Unitec Bldg One, Gateway One,Carrington Rd, Mt. Albert
William Bardebes, Emma Smith, Caryline Boreham, Sheryl Campbell, Solomon Mortimer, Yvonne Shaw, Hayley Theyers, Carly van Winkel and Chris Young. Curated by Allan McDonald

Foucault’s idea of the relationship between visibility and power is summed up most starkly when he wrote “Visibility is a trap.”

Foucault’s observation can link back to Fox Talbot’s wife describing his cameras as ‘mouse traps’ and intuits the way many people feel the power imbalance in the presence of a photographer and how the photograph can diminish them.

This exhibition housed inside a building that once functioned as a panopticon does not limit it’s scope to an examination of institutional power but also takes on more subtle interplays between visibility and control such as might exist in a look between two people.

Caryline Boreham

Caryline Boreham - Dayroom

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