Ground Water Mirror


Two Rooms Gallery • 1 June - 7 July

5:30pm on Friday 1 June
Tuesday - Friday 11am -5pm, Saturday 11am - 3pm
16 Putiki Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021
Conor Clarke

Ground Water Mirror connects the waters of Berlin to Auckland to Whanganui.


It asks whether we seek out Nature in order to appreciate nature itself, or rather to find  a solution to urban living as a means for self-reflection.


The title is a slight mistranslation of Grundwasserspiegel, the German word for water table. Berlin’s ground water mirror is never far beneath one’s feet, it flows through a network of overhead pipes as it is pumped across the city from construction sites to waterways. These pipes are a reminder of the connectedness of water, and why we long for another kind of water; the kind we feel the need to travel to in order to find.

Conor Clarke

Conor Clarke. The Veil of the Soul, 2018


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