Through the lens of culture


Manurewa High School • 29 May - 14 June

3:30pm Wednesday 29 May
9:30 - 4:30 Mon - Fri
Business Office Foyer - 67 Browns Road, Manurewa
Manurewa High School art students

Students are the heartbeat of Manurewa High School view their work in the showcase Through the lens of culture. Culture is in the blood of Manurewa High School students, here the arts are vibrant.

The cohort ‘Level One Art Photography Design 2018’ students expressed themselves through these lenses. Learning about how to operate DSLR cameras was technical. Composing and shooting portraits of schoolmates came naturally. Media often portrays South Auckland youth in a negative mode. Manurewa High School art students do not agree with the media’s perspective. Come see for yourself, their understanding of the students who attend Manurewa High School in South Auckland. 




Manurewa High School

Rheign, Mehvish Ali, Manurewa

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