Digital Screens - Closing Weekend - Elena + Unseen + Bird's Eye

Digital Screens • Ngā Mata Matihiko

Auckland Live Digital Screen • 12 June - 14 June

8pm 7 June Freeview CH 200
Fri–Sat 10:30 | 13:00 | 17:30 | 21:30 & Sun 10:30 | 13:00 | 17:30 | 19:30 Aotea Square, Queen St, City
Alex Plumb (NZ), Saynab Muse (NZ) & Petra Leary (NZ)

Auckland Festival of Photography Trust is pleased to present three short films by New Zealand photographers, multimedia artists and filmmakers.

Alex Plumb's 'Elena' is a moving image work. "Elena explores notions of faith and desire within a domestic everyday. The work depicts an immigrant Latin American family in a continues struggle between the real and the imaginary, the self and the other, to explore the relationship between what we desire and who we are" artist statement.

Saynab Muse's work focuses on the Muslim community she belongs to, and is a short film which fits the 'Unseen' theme, exploring traditional clothing of Somalian Muslims and how their dress is a safety net of their beliefs, shown with a music soundtrack.

Petra Leary takes her hidden superpower to the sky, focusing her lens on becoming the world’s top aerial photographer.

Life’s about how you see it. Petra Leary sees the world from above, seeking startling heights to create stunning art, all while trying to make sense of the complex and challenging world around her. Having pushed back against traditional education and now an ADHD NZ ambassador, Petra sets out with her skateboard, drone and dog Kodak to defy the odds and create her own artistic legacy.

Auckland Live Digital Screen • 12 Pipiri - 14 Pipiri

Ngā Haora
8pm 7 Pipiri Freeview CH 200
Fri–Sat 10:30 | 13:00 | 17:30 | 21:30 & Sun 10:30 | 13:00 | 17:30 | 19:30 Aotea Square, Queen St, City
Ngā Tohunga Toi
Alex Plumb (NZ), Saynab Muse (NZ) & Petra Leary (NZ)

Nā te Hui Ahurei o te Hopu Whakaahua o Tāmaki-makaurau te maringanui ki te whakapāho i ngā kiriata poto e toru i waihangatia e ētahi kaikiriata, e ētahi kaitoi rongorau, e ētahi kaiwhakaahua hoki.

Petra Leary; Bird's Eye

Petra Leary; Bird's Eye

Thanks to Loading Doc's and Petra Leary.

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