Digital Screens - 2nd weekend - Collective Shroud + At The Edge of The Universe + Lullaby

Digital Screens • Ngā Mata Matihiko

Auckland Live Digital Screen • 5 June - 7 June

8pm 2 June | 9 June Freeview CH 200
Fri-Sat 10:30 | 13:00 | 17:30 | 21:30 & Sun 10:30 | 13:00 | 17:30 | 19:30 Aotea Square, Queen St, City
Shoufay Derz (Aus) + Cali Kurlan (USA) + Ilya Ivankin (Russia)

Auckland Festival of Photography presents the international photography of three talented rising stars from Australia, Russia and USA.

Shoufay Derz (Aus) - Collective Shroud 

Shoufay Derz shares the work “Collective Shroud”.* The Great Barrier Reef was presumed dead and an assembly of ritual participants were given the chance to imagine returning to its once living biosphere to pay respects through the creation of its memorial. Through a succession of collective rituals this work speculated on the role of poetic potentialities in the fate of the Reef. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organism on the planet.

Cali Kurlan (USA) - At The Edge of The Universe

New York based Cali Kurlan says of her work “My intention is to channel new modes of communication through hybrid photography to create images that are seemingly unrecognizable, but in their very nature, direct. I arrive at the photograph through several steps from the film negative, to enlarging the print on lightsensitive paper, to re-photographing or scanning the image, to take a ‘screen-shot’ of the image on the screen, to Photoshop manipulation…”        

Ilya Ivankin (Russia) - Lullaby

Ilya Ivankin from Russia: “For me, the revival of the analog photo can’t be reduced to impressionistic, pictorial rebellion against the digital academism. Not only in photographic technology but also in associative related topics – Freudian and left-social conflicts – we can find the opportunity of seeing something natural, cathartic, showing itself through the usual rational shape of the frame with its composition, and social order. Barely visible manipulation with natural grain structure is like genetic engineering, and the enlarged image generated by using almost biological, infectious lith-development makes the frame resembling the eyepiece of the microscope.”

Auckland Live Digital Screen • 5 Pipiri - 7 Pipiri

Ngā Haora
8pm 2 Pipiri | 9 Pipiri Freeview CH 200
Fri-Sat 10:30 | 13:00 | 17:30 | 21:30 & Sun 10:30 | 13:00 | 17:30 | 19:30 Aotea Square, Queen St, City
Ngā Tohunga Toi
Shoufay Derz (Aus) + Cali Kurlan (USA) + Ilya Ivankin (Russia)

E whakaaturia ana e te Hui Ahurei o te Hopu Whakaahua o Tāmaki-makaurau i ngā mahi tango whakaahua o ngā kaitoi hou e toru nō Ahitereiria, nō Rūhia, nō Amerika hoki.

Ka whaaturia e Shoufay Drez i tōna mahi toi, arā, ko “Collective Shroud” te ingoa.

Nō Niu Ioka a Cali Kuraland, ko tāna whakamārama mō āna mahi “Ko taku hiahia kia whakarite i ētahi āhuatanga rerekē hei whakakōrero, hei whakatinana i aku whakaahua momorua.”

Ka whakaaturia e Ilya Ivankin, nō Rūhia, tāna mahi ko “Lullaby”.

Ilya Ivankin; Lullaby

Ilya Ivankin; Lullaby

Shoufay Derz; Chrysalis

Shoufay Derz; Chrysalis

Cali Kurlan; Anonymous Light

Cali Kurlan; Anonymous Light

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