Talking Culture - Film: Peter Peryer. Portrait of A Photographer (1994)

Talking Culture • Te Kōrero Ahurea

Freeview CH200 • 13 June

8pm Sat 13 June
Freeview CH200
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Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision presents a documentary profile of Peter Peryer - 30 mins. 

Screening on TV-Freeview CH200, the film discusses Peryer’s then current project in which he attempts to get a portrait of a bull, and his new work with Macano. Peryer describes his work as autobiographical: “My photographs are self-portraits. The photographs are somehow related to my past. I don’t know why or how.” 

Peryer shows us the process involved in taking photographs – from their initial conception to sorting through the proofs. He also talks about the evolution of his work from moody and angst-ridden in the 1970s to clinical and constructivist in the 1980s. Director Greg Stitt; Producer Trevor Haysom and; Camera Leon Narbey.

Ellen Melville Centre will host a screening from 2pm on Mon 1 June
Limted to 20 - social distancing rules - contactless check-in process
Ellen Melville Centre, Freyberg Pl, cnr High St and Freyberg Pl

From material preserved and made available by Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision. Courtesy of Trevor Haysom.

Freeview CH200 • 13 Pipiri

Ka Huaki
8pm Sat 13 June
Ngā Haora
Freeview CH200
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Ngā Tohunga Toi
Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

Disclosures Taonga te Oro me te Kite i tētahi kōtaha pakipūmeka o Pita Peryer-30 men.

Rewi i roto i ngā HŌTAKA-Freeview CH200, ko te discusses o te kiriata, ko te kaupapa o nāianei i te mea e anga ana ia ki te tiki i tetahi tau, me ana mahi hou ki te Peryer. Peryer whakaahua ana i tana mahi autobiographical: "he whakaahua-tino portraits. Kai te whakaahua te somehow i te pānga ki taku i mua. Kaore au e mōhio he aha, he pēhea rānei. "

Peter Peryer

Peter Peryer (c)

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