The Print Lab Podcast


The Print Lab Podcast - Spotify • 1 May - 31 July

24 hrs / 7 days
Recorded on location in New Zealand & Australia: distributed globally on spotify
Producer and Presenter Martha Ackroyd Curtis

An international collection of exquisite and in-depth interviews with print based artists, as part of Contact Photography Festival Toronto, Canada and Auckland Festival of Photography, New Zealand.

Presented and produced by Australian photographer, video and installation artist Martha Ackroyd Curtis.


Christopher Köller: internationally acclaimed Australian photographic artist.

Mark Graver RE: internationally recognised printmaker, and video artist.

Kadri Elcoat: New Zealand Photographic artist and Auckland Festival of Photography exhibitor.

Headshot: Producer Martha Ackroyd Curtis

Martha Ackroyd Curtis, self portrait

The Print Lab Podcast

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