Shop 4A, Ponsonby Central • 5 June - 11 June

6pm Fri 9 June
10am-8pm 7 days
136 Ponsonby Rd
Steph Nierstenhoefer | OOAK

"I have been a street photographer since my teenage years. I enjoy exploring the mundane, the everyday, things that can easily be missed. My creative process always starts with an original photograph. All my work is the result of a mixed media conversion where the original photograph is converted into an illustration. From there, I build on the interesting aspects of the photograph, whilst removing any unnecessary and distracting noise. The image is then carefully coloured. I work under the brand name OOAK (One-of-a-Kind Wallart) and will be exhibiting a curated range of my art." - Steph Nierstenhoefer, Photographer and Designer

Tapestry - Steph Nierstenhoefer

Steph Nierstenhoefer, Tapestry

Pelican - Steph Nierstenhoefer

Steph Nierstenhoefer, Pelican

Sister - Steph Nierstenhoefer

Steph Nierstenhoefer, Sister 

Iguana Man - Steph Nierstenhoefer

Steph Nierstenhoefer, Iguana Man 

NYC Shadows - Steph Nierstenhoefer

Steph Nierstenhoefer, NYC Shadows

Wellesley Street West - Steph Nierstenhoefer

Steph Nierstenhoefer, Wellesley Street West

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