SpeedySigns Building - Pop Up space • 1 June - 11 June

6pm Thurs 1 June
12pm-8pm Fri & 10am-6pm Sat and Sun (by appointment at other times)
98 Newton Rd, Eden Terrace
Laird Mckechnie

This pop up exhibition will feature a collection of Laird Mckechnie's abstract and surreal photographs, with a focus on his unique use of water as a subject and medium, taken over the last 20 years without digital manipulation.

Capturing the beauty and mystery of water in a way that is both thought-provoking and visually stunning, and not always visible with  the naked eye.

Showcasing the artist's ability to create powerful and evocative images using only the elements of light and water. An interactive experience, to reveal imaginations of creatures and representations of physical forms to the viewer.

The Printed Medium: Sub thermal dye direct print on sheer aluminium 133cm x 90cm

Laird Mckechnie - Reach

Laird Mckechnie, Reach

Laird Mckechnie - Pollock

Laird Mckechnie, Pollock

Laird Mckechnie - Melding

Laird Mckechnie, Melding

Laird Mckechnie - Death By Pixie

Laird Mckechnie, Death By Pixie

Laird Mckechnie - Print Sample

Laird Mckechnie, Print Sample

Laird Mckechnie - Print Sample

Laird Mckechnie, Print Sample

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