Melanin Rising


NZ Steel Gallery • 29 April - 17 June

10:30am Sat 29 April
9:30am–4:30pm Mon to Fri and 9:30am–2:30pm Sat
12 Massey Avenue, Pukekohe
Abhi Chinniah

Photographer and writer Abhi Chinniah explores colourism - discrimination based on skin colour - in her exhibition Melanin Rising. Through portraits, essays, and interviews, she seeks to understand skin-lightening practices and how the media represents dark-skinned people. What can we do to create a world where there is no discrimination based on colourism? At the core of this photo series sits an important message: love your melanin!

The In-Venue show at NZ Steel Gallery, Franklin Arts Centre includes pieces from both A Migrant's Path and Melanin Rising body of works. There is an audio set-up and screens with videos.

Abhi Chinniah; Kadijata

Abhi Chinniah, Kadijata, Melanin Rising

Abhi Chinniah; Melanin Rising

Abhi Chinniah, Suveen - Melanin Rising

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