Staring into the Sun


Skar Image Lab • 28 April - 19 May

4pm-8pm 28 April
11am-5pm Tues to Thurs & by appointment Fri to Sat
1 New Bond St, Kingsland
Luke Foley-Martin

Given it is their primary source of light, photographers almost always consider the sun. Yet they seldom directly photograph it as a subject. Sungazing is sometimes enacted as part of spiritual or religious practices, or as an alternative therapy, most often near dawn or dusk. However, it is considered extremely dangerous, and impossible to look at the sun for any length of time without damaging one’s vision or going blind.

Luke Foley-Martin’s exhibition combines real photographs of the sun with hand-made abstract simulations of celestial bodies created in the darkroom. Influenced by heliography and selected works by Hiroshi Sugimoto, Nicolai Howalt and Hiroshi Yamazaki, in ‘Staring into the Sun’ Foley-Martin risks his own eyesight to explore spaces between the real and imagined, vision and blindness.

'Deep Space' - Luke Foley-Martin

Luke Foley-Martin, Deep Space

'Eternal Vibrance' - Luke Foley-Martin

Luke Foley-Martin, Eternal Vibrance

'Marooned' - Luke Foley-Martin

Luke Foley-Martin, Marooned

'Overexposure' - Luke Foley-Martin

Luke Foley-Martin, Overexposure

'To Form a Circle' - Luke Foley-Martin

Luke Foley-Martin, To Form a Circle

'You Are The Blue' - Luke Foley-Martin

Luke Foley-Martin, You Are The Blue

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