Resistance - Best of Festival


Auckland Central Library • 26 May - 9 June

12pm-4pm 7 days
44 Lorne St

Auckland Festival of Photography presents a video showcase of the 'resistance/atete' theme from around the city with various artists work featured. Including International and NZ photography, high quality practitioners who explore the theme of 'resistance'. 

Rafael Vilela - Forest Ruins; Sean Yi - Ihumātao; Kate van der Drift - Water Slows As it Rounds the Bend (hauraki plains work); Jocelyn Janon - Tinaku; Masumi Shiohara - Portrait of Fruit; Mathew Dowman - Resist. 

Duration; 4 minutes, on rotation every 15 minutes on the main ground floor screen.

Rafael Vilela; Forests Ruins

Rafael Vilela, Forests Ruins

Kate van der Drift: Water Slows As It Rounds the Bend

Kate van der Drift, Water Slows As It Rounds the Bend

Masumi Shiohara; Portrait of Fruit

Masumi Shiohara, Portrait of Fruit

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