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Victoria B. Lohay online • 30 May - 14 June

24hrs daily
Victoria B Lohay

Passionate about beauty and an epicurean at heart, this artist's work resonates with us in perfect harmony. Her brushstrokes are powerful, her movements fluid, and her use of light and bold colours, combined with a mix of materials, convey intense emotions that transport the viewer to a world where life, tenderness, strength, and kindness blend into a harmonious space. Whether you like her or not, Victoria is someone who never fails to make an impression.

She participates in exhibitions and contests, lends her talents to those in need, leads workshops, and even creates educational materials, as evidenced by a press article excerpt. Her world is one dominated by life and a love for it.

A nut between Heaven and Earth

A nut between Heaven and Earth, Victoria B Lohay

Love is everywhere

Love is everywhere, Victoria B Lohay

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