Believe - Wish You Were Here


Gantry - Silo Park • 29 May - 22 June

24hrs daily
Corner Beaumont St and Jellicoe St, Auckland
Sarah Palmer

Auckland Festival of Photography is delighted to present Wish You Were Here as part of the featured NZ exclusive exhibitions in the 'Believe' suite of works for 2024.

Wish You Were Here, explores vacation culture amidst the climate crisis, and how it plays, often unconsciously, into what’s known as last-chance tourism. In exploring this topic, Sarah examines the absurdity that capitalist and colonialist structures (like tourism) imbue. These multiple exposures are created in-camera, with no manipulation in post-production. Palmer’s visual style serves to further solidify how the worlds of nature and tourism collide, and our deep and often messy fascination with things that won’t last.

This work has won numerous awards and grants, and a small part of it was most recently a Core Exhibition in CONTACT Photo Festival last year.

Sarah says "the way I photograph is a bit different, as I use film and create multiple exposures in-camera with no manipulation in photoshop. I shoot by building layers of stories on the same piece of film, creating a strong sense of environment while weaving together contrasts and similarities in the subject matter I’m photographing".

Thanks to Eke Panuku Development Auckland. 

Wish You Were Here 1

Wish You Were Here, Sarah Palmer

Wish You Were Here 2

Wish You Were Here, Sarah Palmer

Wish You Were Here 3

Wish You Were Here, Sarah Palmer

Eke Panuku

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