Rangitoto Reverie: An Exploration Through Suburban Frames


Art Collective Gallery • 9 June - 15 June

1.47pm Sat 8 June
9am-4:30pm Mon to Fri & 9am-3pm Sat & Sun
77 Barrys Point Rd, Takapuna
John Botton

Rangitoto Reverie: A Solo Exploration Through Suburban Frames offers a unique perspective on Auckland's iconic landmark, Rangitoto Island.

The exhibition seamlessly integrates Rangitoto into the urban landscape, prompting contemplation of its significance in everyday life. Each photograph, meticulously composed with Rangitoto at the centre and blurred movements, reveals a harmonious coexistence between natural icon and urban life.

The exhibition serves as a visual meditation on community, identity, and the timeless allure of Rangitoto. It encourages viewers to find beauty in the familiar and fosters a deeper appreciation for the landscapes that shape our existence.

John Botton - Rangitoto Reverie #1

Rangitoto Reverie #1, John Botton

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