Light, love, darkness


Lara Gilks online • 29 May - 30 June

24hrs daily
Lara Gilks
This series draws on a thread of disquiet, disharmony, foreboding. A gown: ascending, graceful, peaceful, beautiful, sparkling in the surface light, drawing her up: but at the same time descending, floating momentarily above the ominous darkness, the haunting depths drawing her down. Through these works I explore themes we see in everyday life: love, loss, light, pain, beauty, darkness, mystery and the unknown. The works confront the question of why something so beautiful floats so fragile against the darkness. You can only truly see light, against the dark.

from the deep

from the deep, Lara Gilks

from the deep 3

from the deep 3, Lara Gilks

to the deep

to the deep, Lara Gilks

to the deep 2

to the deep 2, Lara Gilks

to the deep 3

to the deep 3, Lara Gilks

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