Maiden's Garlands


SKAR Image Lab • 6 June - 30 June

5:30pm Thurs 6 June
11am-5pm Tues to Thurs - please note closed Fri to Mon
1 New Bond St, Kingsland
Kate Rampling
Rampling's latest works highlight the little-known and fading tradition of the Maiden's Garland. Made for the deceased, they were a British funeral rite specifically for unmarried or virgin women who have passed. The tradition is both an unusual celebration of female purity and a sentimental act for the grieving. Attracted by the visual style and drawn to the act of remembrance, Rampling created a series of garlands and conceptual images to highlight symbolic representations of purity. The works function as a reflection on past concepts of female virtue and a celebration of creative acts that heal in times of bereavement.

Sinking to the Depths

Sinking to the Depths, Kate Rampling

Lost Tradition

Lost Tradition, Kate Rampling

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