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Tuffo Espresso (mornings) / 605 Morningside Drinkery (nights) • 6 June - 8 June

6pm-late Thurs & 7:30-12:30pm + 4pm-late Fri & 8:30am-1pm + 4pm-late Sat
605 New North Rd, Morningside
Rukus Photo Group & Friends
This diverse group of young, upcoming, and underground photographers are united by a shared passion for documenting the live music scenes and vibrant night life in Tamaki Makaurau. Initially brought together for the publication Ruckus, the ongoing practice of these photographers recording events in bars, community halls, purpose-built theatres and DIY holes-in-the-wall captures the visual essence of loud music in strange places. Photographers have selected works that resonate with them and their relationship with music. This is an opportunity to showcase work away from small-page and limited screen-based media, so expect some experimentation in formats that Instagram couldn’t handle!

Dole Bludger at FULL NOISE - photo by Mars Orion

Dole Bludger at FULL NOISE, Mars Orion

Hagseed at 605 - photo by Shades Misa

Hagseed at 605, Shades Misa

Movements at Neck of the Woods - photo by Rory Maddren

Movements at Neck of the Woods, Rory Maddren

Schistocyte at Grey Lynn Community Centre - photo by Shades Misa

Schistocyte at Grey Lynn Community Centre, Shades Misa

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