f/30 and Other Locals


Art Centre Helensville • 29 May - 15 June

5-7pm Fri 31 May
10am-4pm Wed to Fri & 10am-2pm Sat
49 Commercial Rd, Helensville
Kaipara College Year 12 and 13 photography students and local photographers from Helensville.
f/30 is a captivating Photography exhibition of 30 up and coming photographers from the South Kaipara region. Their works seek to explore themes such as; constructed realities and identity through portraiture, still life and landscape photography. This exhibition offers a glimpse into the rich experiences and perspectives of our rangatahi within this community. The photographers all attend Kaipara College and are studying towards NCEA Photography at Level 2 and 3. Other Locals include photographers from our Helensville community whose belief in the captured image have led them to share their own unique viewpoint through this medium. Like any community, voices are diverse and contrasting, making this a show not to be missed.

Taira Morehu

Taira Morehu

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