Rural Reverie


Print Art Studios • 8 June - 15 June

1pm Sat 8 June
9am-5pm Mon to Fri & 9am-3pm Sat and Sun
77 Barrys Point Rd, Takapuna
Judy Stokes

"My immersion into small-town New Zealand has taken my camera and I on a new journey. It revealed an intimacy with nature—moments of drama, quiet beauty, untamed wildness. It's a transformative journey, one I'm eager to share with you through this exhibition. Each image unveils nature's ever-shifting tableau, a symphony of light and seasons. Through these photographs, I aim to evoke the essence, the vibrancy, and the tranquility of the rural landscapes that replenish my spirit and enable my own Rural Reverie." - Judy Stokes

Bend in the road _ Judy Stokes

Bend in the road, Judy Stokes

Caressing the dawn _ Judy Stokes

Caressing the dawn, Judy Stokes

Down the line  _ Judy Stokes

Down the line, Judy Stokes

Leaning towards _ Judy Stokes

Leaning towards, Judy Stokes

On the other side  _ Judy Stokes

On the other side, Judy Stokes

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