Believe - Butoh


Karanga Plaza - Viaduct Harbour • 24 May - 12 June

24hrs daily
171 Halsey St, Auckland Central
Yulia Skogoreva

Auckland Festival of Photography presents an exclusive showcase, curated works by fine art and documentary photographer Yulia Skogoreva (Russia) as part of the 'Believe' suite of activations.

Yulia has been based in Tokyo for more than ten years, and been inspired by Butoh, Japanese dance theatre - which encompasses diverse activities, techniques and motivations for dance, performance, or movement, influenced by various belief systems, anti establishment, some religious, some queer; it's an ever evolving avant garde dance practice which took the 1950's post war Japan, in shock from the atomic bombings, by surprise

“I’ll never forget the first time I saw it. Based on my first impression, I would say it is something scary but something you can’t take your eyes off. While Butoh is often associated with something dark, there is always a sense of hope for something bright.”

Presentation on outdoor lightboxes, thanks to Auckland Council and the city centre targeted rate.


Head, Yulia Skogoreva (Dancer: Norihito Ishii)


Leg, Yulia Skogoreva (Dancer: Norihito Ishii)


Hand, Yulia Skogoreva (Dancer: Norihito Ishii)

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