Invitation to the Unsaid


Toi o Wairaka • 5 June - 27 June

5:30pm Wed 5 June
9:30am-4:30pm Mon to Fri
139 Carrington Rd, Mount Albert
Ziggy Bond, Karen Crisp, Shona Dey, Erin Gosselman, Karlene Groves, Steve Lovett, Marie Shannon, Yvonne Shaw, Lily Worrall, Suho Yoo.

This is a group of artists who practice with a sense of the unsaid even if they are saying something. They play with the openness of the unself, their hesitation in the face of the certainties of our politicised times and divided culture are palpable.

There is a promise to their ellipse, an invitation to the unsaid, the way agency is transferred to the viewer becomes a testing ground for our own beliefs.

Curated by Allan McDonald

Erin Gosselman U:T 2023

Erin Gosselman U:T 2023

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