Auckland Photo Day


Estuary Arts Centre • 4 June - 30 June

9am-4pm Mon to Thurs, 9am-3pm Fri & 10am-3pm Sat + Sun
214B Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa
Various photographers

Auckland Photo Day is a community engagement project initiated in 2004 by the Auckland Festival of Photography as a way to build democratic visual cultural currency and an inclusive and equitable arts and cultural environment.

Auckland Photo Day invites anyone, anywhere in Auckland during a selected 24 hour day to take a photo and share their perspectives of our region. It creates new photos that offer democratic visual conversations about the place in which we live, work and play. This event celebrates the many individual pockets of culture and identity present in New Zealand's biggest city.

The photographs feature fascination in the everyday, what is surprisingly different and what is comfortingly familiar. Whilst celebrated in a spirit of fun this event also fulfils the important role of documenting our life right here and now in the world we live in. A DAY IN THE LIFE of Auckland.

The images in this exhibition are just a small selection of the over 14000 that have been created and entered into Auckland Photo Day since its inception in 2004.

Thanks to the photographers for the images in this exhibition and thank you to everyone who has participated over the years.

Wesley Tumai- Friends

Wesley Tumai, Friends

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